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Travel insurance Russia is a contract between the traveler and the insurance company.
Protects the insured in case of illnesses, accidents Aggravation of existing pathologies.

the VHS, VFS and the Russian Consulate in your country accept our insurance policies in electronic format.

IMPORTANT that at the time of printing, the stamp and signature must be visible.

When you need assistance, call the number immediately.

+7 495 775 09 99
The switchboard will put you in contact with the operator who will communicate with you in Italian.

Provide the requested information:

Personal data Policy
Place of event
Telephone contacts
Detailed description of the problem

Visit the dedicated page Click here

It is possible to change the dates of the insurance policy within 72 hours from the activation date. Within the limit of the days covered at the time of the first purchase. If the days are less, the difference is not refundable

Write to us at delivery@russiatravelinsurance.com

The validity period is from 1 to 730 days.
For longer periods send a request to receive a quote.
Our travel insurance Russia is valid for 180 days within 365 days.

Once you have received the insurance, check the details. If there are any errors Write to us at delivery@russiatravelinsurance.com no later than 24 hours before the activation of the travel insurance policy Russia

All insurances once issued cannot be reimbursed

If the insured person is over 65, the insurance premium to be paid is double

Children under 18 can be insured. They must be accompanied by an adult on the insurance policy.

It is possible to extend the validity of the policy no later than 48 hours after expiry.
Payment of the difference in days is required.

Write to us at delivery@russiatravelinsurance.com

Just send the request to delivery@russiatravelinsurance.com with the complete data of the new policyholders no later than 48 hours from the activation date.

For each insurance policy, you can enter a maximum of 15 people

If there are more than 15 people we can make you a discounted quote.

Write to us at delivery@russiatravelinsurance.com

What are the payment methods?
You can choose the following options for the payment of insurance Russia
1 By credit card
2 Sofort Bank
3 Bank transfer