By filling out this form, at a cost of €2.94 for day. You will receive an email with instructions for payment with a credit card issued outside the Russian Federation 

You can obtain valid insurance to receive a Russian E-visa or an entry visa to the Russian Federation through the Russian consulates in your country.

The insurance coverage is €30,000. It also includes coverage in the event of injury following sporting activities

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By purchasing our insurance policies you agree to the terms and conditions

– Insurance once issued are non-refundable –
You can change the dates of the insurance policy no later than 72 hour of activation date. In the limit of days covered at the time of the first purchase.

It is possible to change the date several times, but only within 30 days from the date of the first purchase. If the days are less, the difference is not refundable .
-You can extend the coverage dates of the insurance policy, need paying the difference
-You can add more names to the insurance policy within 24 hours of the start date of the insurance policy
-You can not change the names of policyholders in the policy
-The corrections of the names and date of birth. Than 72 hour of of activation date the insurance policy

Age of the Insured from 0 to 7 years, coefficient x 2
Age of the Insured from 65 to 74 years
, coefficient x 2
Age of the Insured from 75 to 79 years
, coefficient x 2.5
The age of the Insured is from 80 years
, coefficient x 7

Children under 18 can not be included in the insurance without the presence of an adult

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